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We know that event planning is not always easy. Here is what you will need to make booking and working with Anne-Louise as simple as possible. If you don’t see what you need here please contact us


Once we decide to work together, our office will send you a service or program agreement. The signed agreement returned with a 20% of the fee deposit will solidify the booking date. 


Anne-Louise will make her own airline or ground travel reservations. 

Your meeting professional/ liaison is responsible for hotel/lodging arrangements.

Audio-Visual and Introductions

A/V requirements and examples of how to introduce Anne-Louise to your audience are available. Please contact us. 


Our Office will send you handouts and Anne Louise’s introduction once we have an agreement. You can also find them here on this website. Also available on this site is material for your publicity program, including video, high res. photographs, and biography. We can provide more specific copy and promotional material on request.

Anne-Louise Sterry is an internationally-known motivational speaker and award-winning recording artist, author, singer-songwriter, and master storyteller. Unfailingly positive and empowering, Anne-Louise brings energy and rare authenticity to her audiences. She speaks and performs across America and Europe in concerts and keynotes in person and as her alter-ego Aunt Lena, an amalgam of all of Anne-Louise’s exuberant Italian aunts.

As Aunt Lena, Anne-Louise shares a thought-provoking and hilarious approach to living life audaciously. She not only brings smiles to peoples’ faces, but goes a little deeper with her cutting-edge Mediterranean wisdom to make a real and positive difference in their lives. Anne-Louise has a degree in psychology, is an experienced medical software trainer, a psychiatric nurse, and performing artist. As Aunt Lena she wrote the book “Aunt Lena’s Cucina”. She has recorded and produced six music and storytelling CDs in addition to a motivational audio course, "Rewire Your Brain for Audacious Joy" and an online program "Creating Joy to Build Your Bottom Line."


If you have a separate budget for materials, you may purchase bulk copies of Anne Louise’s books, CDs, and other products for audience members through our office. Anne Louise NEVER gives a sales pitch from the platform. However she is happy to have products available and an autograph table at your conference. For larger conferences, Anne Louise will happily work with your bookstore/product coordinator

Publicity & Media

Please feel free to use any of the photographs or videos shown here for your publicity program. 


Video Gallery – Anne-Louise

Video Gallery – Aunt Lena

Picture Gallery - Anne-Louise

Picture Gallery - Aunt Lena