Audacious Joy for Children

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Your school or community deserves the best when it comes to  music and storytelling assemblies, performances and programs. 

Anne-Louise is without a doubt one of the most engaging performers to step on stage. Within minutes of stepping onto the stage or into a classroom she connects with her audience and communicates ideas and messages easily. 

Anne-Louise brings her energy and vitality to all of yourj gatherings! Whatever you’re planning, be it an Arts Festival, School Assemly programs, a Library Event, or a Family Night Out at your local community center, Anne-Louise will get your audiences inspired to sing and dance like never before! These programs are designed to provide an enjoyable, enriching and energizing environment for the whole family!


Best of all, programs can be tailored to suit your needs. Contact Anne-Louise and she will draw on her expansive repertoire of songs and stories to create a custom program just for you!

By engaging Anne-Louise you will gain her extensive experience of working with children and adults in the broadest variety of settings, from small groups of under a dozen to auditoriums of a thousand. 


Why are songs and stories so important?

The number one predictor of success in any area of life is good social and emotional development. Creating community through songs and stories does this for children. 

How do you foster compassionate classrooms?

Creating caring and compassionate classrooms is an important challenge for teachers and administrators. Whether you label them programs to deal with bullying, or disrespect, or encouraging positive behavior, research in neuroscience supports the simple notion that students learn better when they feel safe and supported.


Using carefully chosen songs and stories, her experience raising 3 children, hundreds and hundreds of hours spent performing with kids and her own inimitable style, Anne-Louise leads everyone on a journey of discovery into this timely and important subject. Her engaging combination of student discussions and teacher workshops lay the foundation for the important work of creating and supporting compassionate classrooms to help foster student achievement in your school.

What can you do with a day of Audacious Joy?

An hour is just never enough for getting your fill of Anne Louise! Why not plan a day of small group assemblies, classroom workshops and perhaps a unique visit with her for your special-education kids. Let her bring the joy of singing and storytelling to your school with a carefully crafted set of programs allowing her to reach students on a personal level. A Day with Anne Louise can revolve around teaching your students how to improve their singing and storytelling skills or a specific theme of your choice. Just ask and Anne Louise would love to help!

Custom Programs

When time and budget do not allow a full day, Anne Louise still loves to bring her special brand of energizing good fun to your school. Custom assemblies allow your students to experience the joy and radiance that is Anne Louise.

Using age specific materials, she builds a program just for a visit with you.

Check out the Children's Library for stories to get your creative juices flowing and your imagination whirling about the possibilities:

Book Anne-Louise for your School 

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People have such nice things to say

If given the opportunity to have Anne Louise Sterry come share with your group, take it! She will enlighten your listeners and joyfully bond the group with happiness
— Barbara Burges, Former President of New Jersey State Chapter, P.E.O. Sisterhood.
Anne-Louise’s contribution was just as she had advertised. She was able to reach students and adults with her creative style. I eagerly await next year.
— Ronald L. Walton Principal, Lucia Mar Unified School District, CA

Songs and stories for children